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About Us

Royal Pets Products has been founded by a number of animal lovers and specialists from the animal industry.

The world is changing and animals are changing with it. Royal Pets Products believes that constant improvement is necessary. Because your pet deserves the very best.
We offer a range of high quality products with guaranteed exclusivity. They are not comparable with any other product currently available at pet shops on the market .

Royal Pets Products aims for the best for your animal, therefore every product has its own philosophy.
You Like the ideas of " dog whisperer " Cesar Milan? Through personal attention he brings out the best in his animals up. All toys from Cesar our developed with that approach.
What about the foodproducts of Genesis, which distinguishes itself with innovation and sustainability

Exclusivity in supply
We are proud that from several products on our site we are the only provider in Europe.
Our products are not to be found in every pet store.
Go along with Royal Pets Products and guarantee yourself of exclusive distribution and a very exclusive range of products.